2023年4月21日(金) 19:00~22:00 ⋆18:00入場可

2023年4月21日(金) 19:00~22:00

Crypto Lounge GOX
東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-19-16 てなむタウンビル6F


English follows Japanese.

ワンワン!Dogechainをご存知でしょうか?DogechainはPolygon Supernetのチェーンで、暗号資産の中で最もはっちゃけたミームのためのものです。ミームの未来はみなさんの手にかかっています!


  • Andrew Lee:Dogechainのコア貢献者 (@alee)
  • Minoru Yanai:OpenBloxや元素騎士、MetaOasis、Cyberstellaのアドバイザー (@MinoruY)
  • Issei:Slash Vision LabsのグローバルBizDev (@0xissei)
  • Kousei Sho:Pacific Metaの共同創業者 (@spartan_sho)



また、参加者全員に、今後発売される未発表のNFTコレクションセット “ミームガールズ” の特別エアドロップがプレゼントされる予定です。


Dogechainについてのより詳しくは:Web | Twitter | CoinGecko

イベントの問い合わせ先:@TokenEconomist @road_to_neet

Woof woof! Have you heard of Dogechain? Dogechain is a Polygon Supernet chain for all of the dankest memes of all of crypto. The future of memes is in your hands!

Join us for a night of networking and partying with the Dogechain core team and friends! We have a number of exciting speakers joining us, including:

  • Andrew Lee, a core contributor to Dogechain (@alee)
  • Minoru Yanai, advisor to OpenBlox, Genso, MetaOasis, and Cyberstella (@MinoruY)
  • Issei, global bizdev for Slash Vision Labs (@0xissei)
  • Kousei Sho, co-founder of Pacific Meta (@spartan_sho)

Also, we’re so honored to have a few talented NFT artist exhibit their work, including tama5 (@tama5_art) and kolahon (@kolahonn).

Food and alcoholic drinks will be provided! Also, free swag from swag.dogechain.dog will be given at the event.

All attendees will also get a special airdrop for an unreleased NFT collection set that will be launching in the future called “Meme Girls.”

Come learn more about Dogechain, the most popular Supernet for Polygon, and make new friends! Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to crypto or you’re a Level 10 alt coin trader!

More about Dogechain: Web | Twitter | CoinGecko

Contact: @TokenEconomist @road_to_neet


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